What is LPG Vaporizer?

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What is LPG Vaporizer and how does it work? ENGGMECH

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Key Features

  • Range starting from 50 Kg/hr to 150 Kg/hr
  • The system comes in a ready-to-use state
  • Plug and play model makes it easy to install and use within minutes
  • Digital panel with digital display
  • Top-rated safety components
  • Custom models and sizes available
  • PRV Station
  • Flame proof equipment
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Very convenient to handle
  • No residual loss of your fuel
  • Comes with best in class LPG Vaporiser
  • Strainer provided at manifold outlet

Technical Specifications

Model Vaporiser Model Class Inlet/Outlet(mm) Monidfold System
CFT-50 ULTIMO Techno PLUS DN25 suitable for 35/47.5kg suitable for 425kg
CFT-100 ULTIMO Techno PLUS DN25 5 X 2 10 X 2 20 X 2 2X2 /2X3 /2X4 /2X5
CFT-150 ULTIMO Techno PLUS DN25 5 X 2 10 X 2 20 X 2 2X2 /2X3 /2X4 /2X5
CFT-200 ULTIMO Techno PLUS DN25 5 X 2 10 X 2 20 X 2 2X2 /2X3 /2X4 /2X5
CFT-300 ULTIMO Techno PLUS DN25 5 X 2 10 X 2 20 X 2 2X2 /2X3 /2X4 /2X5

An LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) vaporizer is a device used to convert liquid propane or butane into a gaseous form that can be used as fuel for various applications, such as heating, cooking, and industrial processes. LPG is commonly stored and transported in a liquid state under pressure, but it needs to be vaporized before it can be used in gas appliances.

The basic principle of an LPG vaporizer involves the application of heat to the liquid propane or butane, causing it to change from a liquid to a gaseous state. There are different types of LPG vaporizers, but some common ones include:

Water Bath Vaporizers: These vaporizers use a heated water bath to transfer heat to the LPG. The LPG flows through a coil or a series of pipes immersed in a hot water bath. As the liquid comes into contact with the hot surface, it absorbs heat and vaporizes into a gas.

Shell and Tube Vaporizers: In this design, LPG flows through tubes, and hot water or another heating medium surrounds the tubes in a shell. Heat is transferred from the surrounding medium to the LPG through the tube walls, causing vaporization.

Direct-Fired Vaporizers: In this type, a burner directly heats the LPG. The liquid passes through a chamber where it comes into contact with an open flame or a heated surface, causing it to vaporize.

The choice of vaporizer depends on factors such as the required vaporization capacity, the specific application, and environmental considerations. It's crucial to ensure that the vaporizer is designed and operated safely to prevent accidents, as LPG is flammable. Additionally, some vaporizers incorporate safety features such as pressure relief valves and temperature controls to maintain optimal operating conditions. Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the LPG vaporizer.