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C- LOT System

Wall Mounted: : Saves operational floor space
Most Efficient: Manufactured with best practices to meet the desired outcome
Factory Made System: Our system comprises of Best in class “LPG/Propane Vaporizer” and Liquid Off take Manifold system, completely manufactured with state of art Manufacturing Process with the Latest Technology.
Easiest to Install: Wall mounted, ready to install and use within minutes
Readily Available: High on stock inventory with express delivery PAN India
Customisable: Choose the number of vaporisers and Manifolds systems as per your requirement

Key Features

  • Range starting from 30 Kg/hr to 50 Kg/hr
  • The system comes in a ready-to-use state
  • Strainer provided at manifold outlet
  • Digital panel with digital display
  • Top-rated safety components
  • Custom models and sizes available
  • PRV Station
  • Flame proof equipment
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • Very convenient to handle
  • No residual loss of your fuel
  • Comes with best in class LPG Vaporiser
  • Plug and play model makes it easy to install and use within minutes

Technical Specifications

Model No.
Inlet/Outlet (mm)
Manifold System (Hose connections x Manifold arm)
Pressure Regulating & Safety equipments
Techno Pack
DN 25
5 x 1 (standard)
5 x 2 (standard)
Equipped with Standard Pressure Regulating Staion
+Gas Filteration Device
+Slam Shut Off Valve
Techno Pack
DN 25
5 x 1 (standard)
5 x 2 (standard)