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“Enggmech” Series – Hot water bath type

lpg / propane vaporizer

LPG/Propane Vaporizer: These are electrically heated Vaporizers with water as heat transfer media. The complete system is fully automatic and various interlocks and safeties are provided so that LPG vapor is produced to meet the demand and no liquid can flow downstream of the vaporizers.

A fail safe device in the form of a float valve / level switch is provided to trap the liquid LPG. Vaporizers up to 500 kg/hr. will have a SS Coil placed internally in the hot water bath. The LPG enters the coil and is vaporized. As described above, the Interlocks between the pressure switch, solenoid valve regulate the flow of liquid LPG to meet the demand.

Our Vaporizer is designed with Maximum heat retention time. As a result, water bath heating is carried out most efficiently and power consumption is minimized.

Special Feature: A magnetically operated flameproof water level switch is immersed in the Water bath of the vaporizer. This switch is connected to the control panel & it ensures that the water Level in the vaporizer does not go below the predetermined level. This avoids the accidental dry Heating by electrical heaters. Also magnetically operated Liquid High Level Switch will not allow Liquid LPG to carry towards downstream of Vaporizeer

  Our LPG/Propane Vaporizer are CCOE Approved


Make                                   :    Enggmech Engineers (Primer and Regular)

Type                                    :   Electrically Heated, Hot Water Bath Type Vaporizer.

Controls                              :   Solenoid Valve, Pressure Switch, Thermostat, Heaters.

Special Feature                  :   Water Level, Switch, Liquid Level Switch.

Coil                                      :   SA 312 Types S.S. 304.

Water bath Tank                 :   MS Duly Insulated with 50 mm thick glass wool with Aluminum
                                                Cladding as per IS 2062.

All electrical components, Instrumentation and control panels shall be flameproof, certified by CMRS, Dhanbad, & approved by CCOE, Nagpur.

lpg / propane vaporizer